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Hi all, my name is Levy Amosin, I’m your Hispanic Filipina girl living a life of travel since 4 years old. I was born in Iloilo (PH), raised in Manila (PH) and often based in Hong Kong (HK).


  A travel blogger & mental health advocate. Finished PredictionX: Diviner’s Guide (Omens, Oracles & Prophecies) course at Harvard X – an online learning initiative by Harvard University, AB Mass Communication graduate and currently taking up M.A. Psychology. She’s hoping to specialize in Clinical and Public Service Psychology. Her interests are treatments, healing, psychotherapies like art/horticulture therapy.

My Bio

Online I am a Travel | Fashion Blogger | Writer | Content creator | Endorser
I have passions and dreams and I am taking it all one step at a time, I believe life is not a race nor about the destination but will always be about the stories built and the journey we’ve been through on our way to reach our dreams, no matter how random they are! So always make it a point that you choose kindness in all ways, even during hard times– most especially during the hard times.
After graduating in Bachelor of arts in Mass Communication I designed a website and established


Established in 2016. Hugging Horizons caters Travel & Fashion Trends.

The Label

(Hugging – means to embrace) (Horizons – is a symbol to the random things that life has been offering)
Hugging Horizons means to embrace anything that life can offer , a journey to find one’s purpose.
The blog site showcases quality articles about trends in Travel & Fashion industries. Companies found Hugging Horizons as a brand magnet to their consumers.

Digital professional experiences

As time goes by the blog turned out to be an inspiration to most of my readers which gave me a chance to tell my story as a speaker during talks. Today I travel and tour around the world as a blogger and style insider to both local and international brands. I pray and hope that my work encourage others to be kind to themselves, believe in their calling, follow their passion and reach their dreams. You’ll be surprised to know where life can take you once you begin listening to your heart.
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The Author

About me

Levy Anne Amosin

My passion in writing brought me to places and experience things beyond my imagination. I knew I had a purpose to talk and influence people & blogging fulfilled this part of my dream. Today I am living my dream. God brought me to vast heights in just a year and attracted more than a million audience, as a full pledge stand alone blogger, I travel in style and review hotels & resorts for my readers. I love life and I love inspiring others to love their lives as well.


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Globe Telecom Local Model Endorser



hi self!

Young Ambassador of Goodwill, Hokkaido Japan

Young Ambassador of Goodwill, Hokkaido Japan


Former College Model for AB Communication


  • Brich Joseph Carmen June 12, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    From what university/college in Manila did you study, ate?

    • hugginghorizons June 18, 2017 at 10:59 am

      Hi Brich! I went to Letran and Mapua Intramuros 🙂


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